Oh my goodness, new camera

June 12, 2010

Today, we picked up our new camera at Showcase! I can’t tell you how good it felt to leave the store with camera in hand as well as some hopes and dreams of harnessing some creativity and a little passion. I’m very excited about learning the mechanics of photography as well as the fundamentals of good pictures. And oh my, the inspiration that’s going to come along with that – watch out!

So, being new to digital SLRs and photography as an art form in general, this puppy is a bit intimidating. The whole process of researching and asking questions was too. I felt pretty stupid many times. But hey, you have to start somewhere and if you’re too scared to ask the stupid question you’re never going to get anywhere. More on that in an upcoming post….So with my ego checked at the door, I asked even more stupid questions, pulled out my credit card, and gave my new camera a big ol’ hug.

So just for giggles, take a look at the only camera I had prior to today (with the exception of my iPhone which is a great little alternative when you need to take a picture but aren’t lugging around an actual camera, because who does that all the time really, unless you’re paid to do so? Also props to Hipstamatic for the iPhone here because I’ve had loads of fun with the lenses, flashes, etc. If you don’t have this yet, definitely check it out). Ok, I digress. So this is the camera I took on some pretty big adventures in my life – my trip to Greece in 2008, and our honeymoon in May – to name a few:

And here’s the new addition to the family. I feel like I should name it, since it’s almost as big as Cricket:

And now side by side:


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