Assignment 1 – White Balance

July 21, 2010

So I am totally loving my Digital Photography 101 class through Showcase here in Atlanta, and highly recommend that you check them out if you’re just learning photography, or even if you’re not. They have tons of classes, workshops, field trips, etc. I’m already looking forward to what I’m going to take next ‘semester’!!

Our first assignment in class didn’t seem very intriguing at the time, but I have to say I learned a lot. We had to take the same picture again and again but manually adjust the white balance on the camera. If you aren’t aware (I vaguely recall learning this at some point in my public school education), every type of light has a certain temperature. Incandescent, or tungsten light, is warmer and thus more red or orange. Fluorescent light is somewhat green. Sunlight can vary, but in it’s purest form can be bright white. Shade or cloudy days are more blue.

When you adjust your white balance for various scenarios, your camera tries to make the picture a more true white, by adding colors that ‘neutralize’ the color emitted from the type of light you are in. For example, in incandescent light, your camera will actually cast a bluish tone so that your whites do indeed to appear white rather than orange-ish (the temperature of the incandescent light).

So here are the pictures from my assignment, all taken outside on a relatively sunny day. In cases where the white ledge that the cherries are on is actually quite white, that’s when the camera was set to automatic or sunny (it got it right because that was truly the light I was in). In pictures that are more orange (cloudy or shade settings) or more blue (tungsten or fluorescent), the camera is correcting as I instructed it to do, I’m just not in the light I told it I was. Cool, huh? Enjoy!

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One comment

  1. Very cool shots! I’ll be coming to you for tips on photographing food, my arch-nemesis! :)

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