Assignment 2a – Aperture

July 25, 2010

We had two assignments from our second class, and this subject is by far my favorite and one I can already see myself experimenting with as I develop my skills. Aperture is the opening of the lens that allows how much light can come through (it’s one of three components influence exposure, ISO and shutter speed being the other two). For portraits, you use a larger opening/aperture (which is actually a smaller number), and this creates a shallow depth of field in which things behind (and sometimes in front) are less focused/blurry so that you can emphasize what is most important in the shots, the person. For landscapes you use a smaller opening/aperture (a larger number) in which case there is a greater depth of field where most to all things are in focus.

For my homework assignment, I had to take multiple pictures of the same three objects adjusting only the aperture. Note, I’m not in full manual mode yet; in this case I used the Aperture Priority setting so that I can control the aperture and the camera controls the rest based on the situation.

A little note about the objects. Steve’s mom painted the astronaut for him when he was a child. It’s a little weathered (check out the nose) but so adorable. I can see him beaming at it as a child. The second object is a buddha bank. This little bank brings a smile on my face just looking at it (even though it’s not very full). The third object is a goat (hard to tell at the angle I shot this, but it has horns) with a bright little blue bird on it’s back. We got that at this year’s Decatur Arts Festival…you know how we like our goats! As far as the assignment goes, notice the buddha and goat get more and more focused as you progress through the photos. That’s all aperture, baby! Enjoy!

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More to come on shutter speed next post!



  1. Sounds like a great class! Glad you’re enjoying and learning simultaneously.

    • Thanks, Carl. It’s been a lot of fun so far! Your pictures of the day on Facebook are great and inspiration for my learning. :)

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