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Haiku Friday – So long iPhone

August 13, 2010

Well, well, it was only a matter of time before I dropped my iPhone and did some royal damage. We had a torrential downpour last Friday and I dropped it in the driveway getting out of the car while trying not to get soaked or struck by lighting. That in and of itself wouldn’t have been too bad, but I didn’t realize I had done this until 20 or so minutes of it sitting out in the rain. Needless to say, it was behaving pretty squirrely overnight. Next day, it gradually got better, but I didn’t really think of the corrosive damage that was going on inside. Until Sunday. No big deal that I have to get a new phone now, except that I can’t actually get one because they are on backorder. Everywhere.

Sad, iPhone broken

Only works when plugged in now

Landline days are back

If you have the new iPhone, I sure hope you’re enjoying it. And if you drop your phone in the rain (or the toilet or other body of water), I highly suggest taking it to these guys immediately. They couldn’t help me out because I waited too long, but they tried and didn’t charge me.


Haiku Friday – Stormy Friday

August 6, 2010

My poor Cricket is horrified of storms. She goes nuts. And she pees herself. A tribute to little Cricket on this stormy evening:

Oh, holy thunder

Cricket’s peed her bed again

Scary, scary storm

Hope there are no storms (or pee) in your neck of the woods. Happy weekend!



Haiku Friday: Empty Nest

July 16, 2010

Our little robin bird flew away sometime on Wednesday, and we’re keeping our eyes out for baby and momma who are both staying nearby. We are both happy and sad to see him go.

To honor our little one:

In less than two weeks

You’ve grown up and flown away

Fly high, little bird


Haiku Friday: Hotlanta

July 9, 2010

Oh my, it’s been a hot one this week across all parts of the country. Here’s my dedication to the hot and humid heat of Hotlanta:

Feelin’ hot, hot, hot

Sticky, sweaty, frizzy mess

Come on October!

And because you’re probably singing it now, check out this blast from the past.


Haiku Friday: July 4th

July 2, 2010

So I got this idea on my way home from work. There are many different days out there claimed for certain activities. On Twitter, for example, there’s #followfriday (or #ff) where you tweet the names of people you think are groovy enough to follow. Or, like our local radio station and probably many others – Two for Tuesdays – where they play two songs by the same artist. You get the point.

So I’m instituting my own day: Haiku Friday!!

Why? Because I can, and it’s fun. It’s haiku for crying out loud.

Why haiku? So “Haiku Friday” doesn’t start with the same letter nor does it have a catchy rhyme to it, but that’s what I love about haiku! I can’t remember in what grade I first learned it or how old I was, but I do remember loving it and loving the idea of creating “poetry.” Check out Wikipedia to refresh your memory on haiku.

Why Friday? Well what better day to be creative and have fun? You’re at work, it’s 4 o’clock, not time to leave yet but surely not enough time to start anything before you do. Great time for haiku!

Let’s get started! Everyone remember the one simple rule of haiku? That’s right, the 5-7-5 thing. There are three lines to a haiku poem: the first line is 5 syllables, second line is 7 syllables, and the last line 5 syllables. No rhyming necessary.

So here we go, my first haiku on my first Haiku Friday in celebration of this 4th of July:

July 4th weekend

Peachtree Road Race on Sunday

Our first 10k race!

So no pictures this time, folks. Just good clean poetry. And if you’d like to share your haiku on this Friday…

Have a great holiday weekend!!