Assignment 1 – White Balance

July 21, 2010

So I am totally loving my Digital Photography 101 class through Showcase here in Atlanta, and highly recommend that you check them out if you’re just learning photography, or even if you’re not. They have tons of classes, workshops, field trips, etc. I’m already looking forward to what I’m going to take next ‘semester’!!

Our first assignment in class didn’t seem very intriguing at the time, but I have to say I learned a lot. We had to take the same picture again and again but manually adjust the white balance on the camera. If you aren’t aware (I vaguely recall learning this at some point in my public school education), every type of light has a certain temperature. Incandescent, or tungsten light, is warmer and thus more red or orange. Fluorescent light is somewhat green. Sunlight can vary, but in it’s purest form can be bright white. Shade or cloudy days are more blue.

When you adjust your white balance for various scenarios, your camera tries to make the picture a more true white, by adding colors that ‘neutralize’ the color emitted from the type of light you are in. For example, in incandescent light, your camera will actually cast a bluish tone so that your whites do indeed to appear white rather than orange-ish (the temperature of the incandescent light).

So here are the pictures from my assignment, all taken outside on a relatively sunny day. In cases where the white ledge that the cherries are on is actually quite white, that’s when the camera was set to automatic or sunny (it got it right because that was truly the light I was in). In pictures that are more orange (cloudy or shade settings) or more blue (tungsten or fluorescent), the camera is correcting as I instructed it to do, I’m just not in the light I told it I was. Cool, huh? Enjoy!

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Haiku Friday: Empty Nest

July 16, 2010

Our little robin bird flew away sometime on Wednesday, and we’re keeping our eyes out for baby and momma who are both staying nearby. We are both happy and sad to see him go.

To honor our little one:

In less than two weeks

You’ve grown up and flown away

Fly high, little bird


A sad update

July 11, 2010

After checking in on the baby robins this morning, it appears that only one of the babies has survived. The rational side of me knows this is simply nature’s way, but the sensitive side of me is quite sad.

The little one (I’m assuming the first-born) is growing fast as a weed and nearly takes up the entire nest now. He or she is already grayish/black with feathers all over its body, when just a few days ago it was all pink and ‘fur.’ Its eyes are also clearly open now. I imagine it will only be a couple of days before it will take first flight.

Here are a few pictures of the little one (all from the iPhone so not as good as I would like). You can clearly see how much baby bird has grown. We wish it all the best as it leaves the nest soon.

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Haiku Friday: Hotlanta

July 9, 2010

Oh my, it’s been a hot one this week across all parts of the country. Here’s my dedication to the hot and humid heat of Hotlanta:

Feelin’ hot, hot, hot

Sticky, sweaty, frizzy mess

Come on October!

And because you’re probably singing it now, check out this blast from the past.


Rockin’ robin…tweet, tweet, tweet

July 7, 2010

I was able to catch a few pictures with the good camera now that the babies are peeking their heads out of the nest a little. I’ll try to get more when there’s more light (and less blur). And check out the delightful sound of our baby birds: tweet, tweet, tweet

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Baby mamma

July 3, 2010

This is the second robin nest of the season this year, and we are keeping a close eye on things. After the bird homicide committed on our back deck on Thursday morning (Steve caught the falcon or hawk or whatever bird of prey red-handed/beeked), we are very happy that mamma robin has found a safe haven for her nest full of eggs (and now one baby bird) under our deck. While we haven’t had much rain the last few days, we’ve even put a plastic cover on top so that when it does, her nest and babies won’t get too soggy.

Baby mamma robin isn’t very skittish, and she’s allowed me to take quite a number of pictures of her in her nest. She is a proud mamma. I’ve also been able to get a few pictures inside the nest with the iPhone (there’s not enough clearance for a bigger camera). Here are a few pics that I’ve taken; I’ll continue to add more as the two other eggs hatch. Very exciting times!!

UPDATE! Baby #2 has arrived!

UPDATE! Baby #3 has hatched!

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Haiku Friday: July 4th

July 2, 2010

So I got this idea on my way home from work. There are many different days out there claimed for certain activities. On Twitter, for example, there’s #followfriday (or #ff) where you tweet the names of people you think are groovy enough to follow. Or, like our local radio station and probably many others – Two for Tuesdays – where they play two songs by the same artist. You get the point.

So I’m instituting my own day: Haiku Friday!!

Why? Because I can, and it’s fun. It’s haiku for crying out loud.

Why haiku? So “Haiku Friday” doesn’t start with the same letter nor does it have a catchy rhyme to it, but that’s what I love about haiku! I can’t remember in what grade I first learned it or how old I was, but I do remember loving it and loving the idea of creating “poetry.” Check out Wikipedia to refresh your memory on haiku.

Why Friday? Well what better day to be creative and have fun? You’re at work, it’s 4 o’clock, not time to leave yet but surely not enough time to start anything before you do. Great time for haiku!

Let’s get started! Everyone remember the one simple rule of haiku? That’s right, the 5-7-5 thing. There are three lines to a haiku poem: the first line is 5 syllables, second line is 7 syllables, and the last line 5 syllables. No rhyming necessary.

So here we go, my first haiku on my first Haiku Friday in celebration of this 4th of July:

July 4th weekend

Peachtree Road Race on Sunday

Our first 10k race!

So no pictures this time, folks. Just good clean poetry. And if you’d like to share your haiku on this Friday…

Have a great holiday weekend!!