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Haiku Friday: Empty Nest

July 16, 2010

Our little robin bird flew away sometime on Wednesday, and we’re keeping our eyes out for baby and momma who are both staying nearby. We are both happy and sad to see him go.

To honor our little one:

In less than two weeks

You’ve grown up and flown away

Fly high, little bird


Rockin’ robin…tweet, tweet, tweet

July 7, 2010

I was able to catch a few pictures with the good camera now that the babies are peeking their heads out of the nest a little. I’ll try to get more when there’s more light (and less blur). And check out the delightful sound of our baby birds: tweet, tweet, tweet

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Baby mamma

July 3, 2010

This is the second robin nest of the season this year, and we are keeping a close eye on things. After the bird homicide committed on our back deck on Thursday morning (Steve caught the falcon or hawk or whatever bird of prey red-handed/beeked), we are very happy that mamma robin has found a safe haven for her nest full of eggs (and now one baby bird) under our deck. While we haven’t had much rain the last few days, we’ve even put a plastic cover on top so that when it does, her nest and babies won’t get too soggy.

Baby mamma robin isn’t very skittish, and she’s allowed me to take quite a number of pictures of her in her nest. She is a proud mamma. I’ve also been able to get a few pictures inside the nest with the iPhone (there’s not enough clearance for a bigger camera). Here are a few pics that I’ve taken; I’ll continue to add more as the two other eggs hatch. Very exciting times!!

UPDATE! Baby #2 has arrived!

UPDATE! Baby #3 has hatched!

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Around the homestead

June 27, 2010

I’ve spent some time wandering around the homestead over the last week, taking pictures along the way. Here are a few things I discovered (and subsequently photographed for your viewing pleasure):

  • There’s another robin’s nest under our porch (not the best picture, but it’s the weirdest angle to take), and there are now three little, blue eggs, although this picture only shows one. I bet momma robin was pissed after we took the first nest down, also pictured…notice there are strands of Cricket’s hair in there from when we shaved her the first time this summer.
  • We have a beautiful fig tree. I love the giant ornamental leaves. And the way this tree is shaped…it’s just…beautiful.
  • We’ve become quite the collectors of yard art.

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